WinDev is an Integrated Development Environment, created by PC Soft, used to develop software in WLanguage. Mainly, It is used to develop data software.

What is TestStand

TestStand is a instruction sequences engine and a development environment for creating a test sequencer evolved several common test for different products. We have a generic software that loads, as the test product, sequences specifying actions, tests and tolerances, and components (such as DLLs) for communication with the hardware.

TestStand: Car radio validation

The aim of this test bench is to validate electronic measurements and audio signals. The system must be enough flexible to permit the test of several models of car radio. Radio car validation bench Hardware Technology The bench is composed of: Software Technology Operating software : MS Windows XPMeasurement software : NI LabWindows/CVITest Sequencer : NI TestStandReports Read More …


TestExec is a test sequencer software, available in G language for LabVIEW or in C for LabWindows/CVI. He was replaced by TestStand of National Instruments, offering more flexibility and is compatible with the latest technologies.